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WORDSCAPE-88 (Some New Words)

Agency News

  1. Caucusing: The action or practice of holding or meeting in a caucus

Eg. Caucusing for the candidates sure helped them win the elections.

  1. Fantoosh: Fancy; Showy; Stylish; Flashy; [often used disparagingly]

Eg. Her fantoosh clothes made her the centre of attraction and gossip at the party.

  1. Rooked: Swindled; Deprived by fraudulent means

Eg. The director was rooked of millions of dollars by his scheming assistant.

  1. Bigsie: Having an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance; arrogant

Eg. The businessman was such a bigsie that no one really liked him.

  1. Spruik: A speech, especially one intended to promote or publicize something; a sales pitch

Eg. To give credibility to their new products, they use scientists, doctors and people from the legal profession to spruik for them.