1.Lachrymose: Someone who cries easily; something that causes sadness

Eg. After her son’s death, Leela turned lachrymose and would break into tears often.

2.Meiosis: A cellular process in which a cell divides itself twice to produce four cells each containing half the original amount of genetic information

Eg. The replication of chromosomes is the first detectable cytological event in meiosis.

3.Ratlines: A series of small ropes fastened across a sailing ship’s shrouds like the rungs of a ladder for climbing the rigging

Eg. I scrambled down the ratlines as the winds started.

4.Canard: An unfounded rumour or story

Eg. I eat many apples and still fall sick so I do not believe in the canard of an apple a day keeping the doctor away.

5.Proximo: Of next month

Eg. It seems we cannot expect their arrival before 20th or 21st proximo.