Wordscape-79 (Know these cooking terms)

Wordscape-79 (Know these cooking terms)


Know these cooking terms?

  1. Braise: Fry food lightly and then stew it slowly in a closed container.

Eg. I braised the meat and vegetables for Saturday’s dinner, a day ahead.

  1. Broil: To cook over, under or in front of hot coals or a gas or electric burner or other form of direct heat.

Eg. The broiled chicken was delicious with the brown sauce.

  1. Al dente: used of food, typically pasta, cooked to a point when it is still firm when bitten.

Eg. I had the shell pasta and calamari served al dente in a hot, red sauce.

  1. Blanch: A cooking process wherein food, usually fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. are scalded in boiling water, removed after a brief time and then plunged into cold water to halt the cooking process.

Eg. Blanched almonds are easy to cut into slivers.

  1. Marinate: to soak in a sauce or flavored liquid for a long period of time, usually meat, poultry or fish.

Eg. The tasty marinated chicken was succulent and juicy.