1. Caryopsis: [Botanical] A small one seeded indehiscent [not splitting open to release the seeds when ripe] fruit. Eg. Corn, wheat.

Eg. Mostly ants feed on the species caryopsis.


2. Metronome: A device used by musicians that marks time at a selected rate by giving a regular tick.

Eg. One way to practice a new tune is to use a metronome.


3. Assonance: Resemblance of sound between syllables of nearby words.

Eg. The use of assonance throughout the poem created a feeling of despair.


4. Perdition: A state of eternal punishment and damnation.

Eg. He blustered about killing him as if his son was on the road to perdition.


5. Bodacious: Brazen; brassy; gutsy.

Eg. She has survived plenty in her 24 years and in her own words she is bodacious.