1. Precentor: The leader of the singing of a church choir or congregation

Eg. His wife’s father was an excellent singer who was the precentor for singing the Psalms in church.


2. Reveille: The sound of the drum or bugle at daybreak to awaken soldiers.

Eg. Both the soldiers quickly fell asleep and the next thing they knew was a trumpet sounding reveille.


3. Anaplasty: The repairing of superficial lesions by the use of adjacent healthy tissue by transplanting a portion of skin.

Eg. A total of 31 cases of eyebrow anaplasty was performed in the hospital last month.


4. Gantry: A stand for barrels, shelving racks, etc. in which drinks are displayed in a bar; A platform or bridge for a travelling crane, railway signals, etc; The servicing tower beside a rocket on its launching pad.

Eg. The four concrete bases for the 25 foot high steel gantry can be seen on either side of the building.


5. Nonplussed: Filled with bewilderment

Eg. According to reports, the young actor has married in secret and his parents are nonplussed at his behavior.