1. Xenology: the scientific study of extra-terrestrial phenomena Eg. The study of xenology has always evoked keen interest among those of a scientific bent of mind.


2. Habile: deft; skilful Eg. Whether in his study of political problems, his pictures of people or his sketches of scenery, he is equally keen and habile.


3. Misogamy: hatred of marriage Eg. Molly’s misogamy provides a strong alternative to the veneration of marriage and procreation.


4. Deasil: clockwise or in the direction of the sun’s course Eg. The surgeon made a deasil by walking round the patient’s couch three times.


5. Benthos: the flora and fauna at the bottom of a sea or lake Eg. The great majority of algae grow like land plants attached to a sub-stratum and these are called benthos.