1. Languor: Inactivity; Listlessness Eg. Owing to his continued illness, his pain and languor had greatly increased.


2. Mouthy: Ranting, Railing and Bombastic. Eg. He is annoying and mouthy but he is just a young boy.


3. Recreant: Craven, Cowardly, Apostate. Eg. They told me that he was a recreant and a coward but I knew it was wrong.


4. Sleazoid: Sordid, Disgusting, Morally low. Eg. Hoffman plays a sleazoid here in a film that is so far beneath him.


5. Blubber: Whale fat; A spell of weeping, Sob loudly. Eg. [1] The baby whale develops a thick layer of blubber to protect it from the cold sea.[2] She started to blubber like a child.