Wordscape - 45


Diplopia :

Seeing two visions of an object, also known as double vision. It can have causes other than that aren’t due to underlying disease. Examples: Due to putting pressure on one eye, incorrect eyeglass prescription or extreme fatigue.

Eg. Raju’s disturbed vision was diagnosed as diplopia by the ophthalmologist.

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Mouthy :

Ranting, railing, bombastic. Talking and expressing your opinion a lot especially in a rude or insolent way.

Eg. Sushmita, who talks back a lot and often expresses her opinion rudely was nicknamed as mouthy by her classmates.

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Passkey :

A private key to a restricted area or gate, a master key for special purposes.

Eg. The CEO of our company keeps a passkey as he keeps odd working hours and for surprise checks.

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Craven, cowardly; Also apostate, a person who is unfaithful to a belief

Eg. Tom always acted with outward boldness, though a recreant.

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Sordid, disgusting, morally low.

Eg. All politicians are not sleazoids as they’re often thought to be.