Bogus votes:  A deciding factor?
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Bogus votes: A deciding factor?


It is stunning and amazing too - The bogus votes in Kerala. Imagine over hundred votes in some booths. Almost 10 percent! If this phenomenon spreads to more and more booths, it could be a deciding factor. For, even half per cent votes is the winning margin in many constituencies. If organised political parties can provide the required back up and a handsome reward there may be many to volunteer for bogus votes.

These organised political groups, members of which are armed and known for even violence, provide security and reward, it may not be that difficult to organise state wide bogus voting. Party units have the ability and experience of organising people. These parties can easily track who all have votes in different polling booths.

If reports are to be believed, some parties can forcibly throw out the polling agents of rival contestants from the booths. Some who manage booths have even political affiliations. So much so in some booths Web video recording can be switched at will and few have the courage to complain!!

In such cases voting go on in break neck speed, sparing the genuine voters from standing in the queue for long hours and reaching the booths spending money for local conveyance. No need for booth capturing or violence.

At least in some (read many) booths all these unlawful activities happened and more and more of such happenings are being reported. More may come out in the coming days. What is more those voted include Local body members and responsible office bearers and members of established political parties.

If reports are to be believed, some associations of law enforcing agencies have managed to collect the postal votes, one is not sure already marked or not, of those who were on election duty. Some television agencies, who all can be trusted as they have no political affiliation or commitment to spin for one or the other, have in an informal calculation come out with the shocking revelation that nearly 50,000 such votes have been managed by a political front!

Notably bogus voting is managed by both the UDF and the LDF. However the incidents reported so far indicates that the LDF has managed it better, thanks to their organised and aggressive cadre. It is also alleged that some UDF constituents voted after making it sure that the genuine voters are away from the place of polling. Indelible link is no problem as some ladies immediately wipe it off by rubbing the finger nails on their hair, which have also been video graphed.

It is clear that some planning, training and back up organisation were done well in advance. Otherwise such voting could not have been organised. It could come out because of web recordings in booths. Or else credible evidence could not have been managed. Such video recording was not taken into account this time. But even these can be easily met with technological improvements and make bogus voting not a difficult task.

But the people in trouble are those who predict electoral outcome, particularly the psephologists and professionals who conduct surveys and come out with probable outcome based on sample surveys. Bogus voting sample survey may not be that easy and such surveys may lose its credibility. For there is no way one can find out the percentage of bogus voters. Even the Sabarimala factor in voting could not be assessed as no figures to base on are available now. But over a period of time even a way out can be worked out by these psephologists and surveyors.

But one thing is sure. If bogus voting can be organised state wide in the coming elections, it can be the deciding factor in Kerala elections. For in the state of 2-3 dozen constituencies, the winning margin is one percent or half per cent votes polled. Given the ingenuity, organised strength, commitment of our political party leaders a way would be found out it to make it a foolproof arrangement. These leaders are known for their innovation and fertile imagination.