Forest Min Rajiv Banerjee, Forest Dept staff come face to face with tiger
West Bengal

Forest Min Rajiv Banerjee, Forest Dept staff come face to face with tiger

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Sundarbans, Jun 4 : Nylon mesh walls surround the vast expanse of the Sundarbans mainly to keep the distance between the tigers in the forest and the people on the island.

But as a result of Amphan this nylon mesh wall has been destroyed and hence the Forest Department personnel have been patrolling the Sundarbans estuary all night with a sleeping gun and even double barrel rifles. They are guarding the area round the clock so that the Royal Bengal Tigers do not enter the settlement area of the island.

Forest Minister Rajiv Banerjee and forest workers of the Sundarbans came face to face with a tiger when repairing of the nylon net was on. From today, the staff of the forest department started removing the nylon net wall on the border of the deep forest of the Sundarbans.

Forest Minister Rajiv Banerjee was present with the forest workers on the day. Mr Banerjee said about 105 km of net wall in the Sundarbans area has been damaged as a result of Amphan. If this wall is not repaired tigers can come out of the jungle at any moment and attack the villagers. He assured that repairs to the wall will be completed within the next week.

However, on the same day, he also handed over food items to the affected people of Rangabelia and Dulki villages in the Gosaba block of the Sundarbans. At the same time, he toured the damaged Sundarbans areas . (UNI)