Video of Trinamool leader tied and dragged a woman teacher goes viral
West Bengal

Video of Trinamool leader tied and dragged a woman teacher goes viral

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A horrifying video in which a Trinamool leader tied and dragged a woman over road in West Bengal is going viral.

In the video, the Trinamool leader can be seen tied her knees with rope and dragged over a country road in West Bengal along with a group of men. The appalling video is also shown her sister, who protested against the miscreants, too is thrown to the ground and pulled by the arms and abused by the men led by Amal Sarkar.

The shocked attack at women by Trinamool leader and his followers took place as a response to their opposition to surrendering land for Trinamool-run panchayat for constructing a road.

After the video went viral, on Sunday, the Trinamool district chief Arpita Ghosh ordered the suspension of panchayat leader Amal Sarkar from his office. However,no arrest had been happened till now.

The video of the incident, which was widely shared on social media, shows Smritikona Das and her sister Soma Das being beaten and thrown to the ground and dragged on the road.

For opposing the road development, a man ties a rope around Smritkona Das’ knees and another group of people drag her by her arms over the earthen road. When her elder sister Soma Das opposed, she too is shoved to the ground and dragged to where her sister is seen lying.

According to the two women in late 20s were ready to give land for a 12-feet wide road. They agreed to give up land for that. But the women objected the plan of Panchayat to widen the road to 24 feet - which would result in huge land loss. So the women objected.

On Friday when the women objected as bulldozers and road-rollers began work, they met with this shocking treatment.

Both women were rushed to hospital. The older sister Soma Das who had objected to the attack on her sister was released after first aid. Smritikona Das, who was tied at the knees, was released after treatment on Saturday.

On Sunday, Smritikona Das filed a police complaint, naming the gram panchayat vice chief Amal Sarkar who had directed the attack. Smrikona Das is a teacher at a nearby high school. She lives with her mother at Fata Nagar who too was reportedly pushed around when she rushed to try save the daughters.