Modi Govt following ‘divide and rule’ policy: Mamata
West Bengal

Modi Govt following ‘divide and rule’ policy: Mamata

Agency News

Kolkata, Jan 14: West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday alleged that the Narendra Modi Government was following ‘divide and rule’ policy.

Ms Banerjee was speaking about her views on CAA, NRC, NPR, the situation in Kashmir and the "misinformation" campaign by BJP. Commenting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to Belur Math where he said that the Opposition was "misleading" people on CAA, she said, “The Prime Minister went to Belur Math on a personal visit. We have great regard for Ramakrishna Mission. We have never seen anyone use the stage for political speeches. I am thankful to the monks of Ramakrishna Mission for protesting against it.”

“Instead of paying respect to Swami Vivekananda ji, he did a mischievous thing – he did political propaganda. We don’t agree with his political vision. He wants to fulfill his political agenda. We don’t agree with that. In parliamentary committee, we opposed this from the beginning,” the TMC supremo alleged.

The chief minister said, "Everyone with documents like the voter ID card, PAN card, Aadhaar cards, passport etc are citizens of the country. If the Opposition is misleading the people, why are people protesting in BJP-ruled States? Why are States like Assam against NRC? We support their protests. Actually, BJP is misleading the people."

Ms Banerjee said, "They are following a divide-and-rule policy through CAA. It depends on their choice. They are in power. They must ensure ‘roti-kapda-makaan’ and not promote politics of hatred. This policy is being criticised worldwide."

“We love our country and he is dividing the country,” she alleged.

Ms Banerjee said, " Swami Vivekananda never said divide the country. He worked for the downtrodden people. He said unity is strength and weakness is death. Divide and rule is BJP’s manifesto, their agenda and they want everyone to follow them. This will destroy the secular fabric of the country."

The chief minister said, " The country’s economy is a disaster now. Prices are skyrocketing, unemployment is rising, industries are shutting down. Walmart is closing down their chapter in India. Instead of giving attention to these problems, they are trying to discriminate (among people)." (UNI)