Citizenship Amendment Act not to take away citizenship, but grant it: PM
West Bengal

Citizenship Amendment Act not to take away citizenship, but grant it: PM

Agency News

Belur, Jan 12 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of National Youth Day on Satuday said it is his responsibility to convince every youth, satisfy them about the Citizenship Amendment Act and clear the confusion in their minds.

He clarified that the Citizenship Amendment Act is not a law to take away citizenship, it is a law to grant citizenship. Citizenship Amendment Act is just an amendment, to ease granting citizenship of India, for those who were tortured, oppressed, due to their religious faith in post-partition Pakistan. Mr Modi said many leaders including Mahatma Gandhi also endorsed this then.

Apart from this, even today, a person of any religion, whether or not he believes in God… whoever believes in the Constitution of India, can take citizenship of India under the prescribed procedures. He said that his Government has also made provisions for the adverse effect on the demography of the North East due to the Act.

Despite such clarity, some people are constantly spreading confusion about Citizenship Amendment Act for their political reasons, the Prime Minister said.

He said, "If not for the controversy sparked by this amendment in the citizenship law, the world would not even know what crimes have been committed on minorities in Pakistan. How human rights have been violated. This is a result of our initiative that now Pakistan will have to answer why in 70 years you have committed this crime with a minority there. "

Mr Modi was in Belur Math on the occasion of Swami Vivekananda Jayanti and National Youth Day. He also interacted with the monks in Math. (UNI)