Except economy, Opposition has no valid issue against the Govt: Swamy
West Bengal

Except economy, Opposition has no valid issue against the Govt: Swamy

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Kolkata, Jan 11: Asserting that the Opposition has no valid issue against the Centre except the performance of the economy, Rajya Sabha MP and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy on Saturday said the brouhaha over CAA and NRC is the tactics to gain attention by the Left and the Congress as they cannot win elections in Bengal.

"The Congress and the Left are creating ruckus in West Bengal as they know well they have no chance of winning elections here," said Dr Swamy at an event organised by Virat Hindustan Sangam here. Dr Swamy asserted that the opposition had no valid issue except the performance of the economy.

West Bengal witnessed widespread violent protests over the passing of the amended citizenship act last month. Violence broke out in many places across the state, the 24-hour nationwide strike called by trade unions affiliated to Left and other parties on Wednesday.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had slammed the Left parties for "indulging in violence" in the name of enforcing bandh in the State. "We have not performed well in the economy, but that situation is recovering. It will improve soon.

"Yes, we have not taken certain decisions, which we should have taken earlier. I am sure the gravity of the situation has been understood by the prime minister and steps have been taken accordingly. Other than that, the opposition has no issue."

"The last statement in favour of CAA by the Congress was in Rajya Sabha in 2003 by the Leader of Opposition Dr Manmohan Singh, who had requested Advaniji, who was the Home Minister and the Deputy Prime Minister, that these unfortunate people are given citizenship. Now, of course, after Sonia Gandhi joined, he has changed his speech," he said.

Dr Swamy said the United Nations has said that only persecuted individuals can be called refugees, but people entering other countries illegally to gain economic advantage cannot be treated as refugees. (UNI)