Helmet awareness: Kolkata traffic police campaigns
West Bengal

Helmet awareness: Kolkata traffic police campaigns

Agency News

Kolkata, Aug 30 : Kolkata Traffic Police have started a campaign among school children to bring awareness about wearing helmets.

The aim is to create awareness among school children about wearing helmets while coming to and leaving from school on their guardians’ scooters and bikes, an official said. It has been found that parents too are often unaware of this essential need, and so the effort is to make them aware too.

Workshops are being held by Traffic Police officers at different places, involving children and their guardians.

The Traffic Awareness Week is part of Safe Drive Save Life, the now State-wide campaign of the government to make drivers/riders aware of the rules of the road. Over the years, the project has become a buzzword for following traffic rules in Bengal, and through the project's success in the State, in other parts of the country too.

The Supreme Court too had showered appreciation on it, holding it up as a shining example of what honest intent can achieve. (UNI)