Engaging workspace with technology
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Engaging workspace with technology

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Kolkata, Aug 29 : In today's digital world, the company requires an exciting  ambience to produce innovative work.

Being exposed to generic, monotonous environments on a daily basis can lead to boredom, unhappiness, and in extreme cases, physical distress. The use of technology in the workplace should be such that it curates to match the flow and tempo of any physical space and its inhabitants.

Technology has been the vital backbone of modern innovations in many workplaces. It has promoted theoretical projections and creation of ideas which have been found to accelerate forward business expansion.

Technological innovations can be seen in chairs and standing desks to provide a means to a healthy working lifestyle. For example, having ergonomic chairs at the workstation can help in preventing and reducing health issues which usually arise from long hours of unhealthy sitting posture at the workplace. Standing desks, occupancy sensors, and on-desk pantry ordering offer a coherent workplace solution to the employees.

Moreover, the arrival of facial recognition and host notification system helps in eliminating the front-desk register and completely digitizes the process of checking-in and out, within minutes, without compromising on security protocols,
amongst others.

Space Matrix, a leading multinational design consultancy firm headquartered in Singapore with a specialization in workplace design. Across its 14 international offices in India, Australia, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Thailand, and the United States, Space Matrix has an impressive track record of creating and delivering profitable, sustainable, and futuristic workplaces, a Space Matrix spokesperson on Thursday said.

The company offers three main services: Workplace Strategy, Interior Design and Design & Build. It employs data generation and the latest analytical tools to create impactful solutions for its clients. In India, Space Matrix has offices in 6 cities such as New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Pune, and Chennai, and the company’s operations are jointly spearheaded by Regional Managing Directors Akshay Lakhanpal and Jaiprakash Alidasani. Space Matrix launched its first state-of-the-art Workplace Innovation Lab in Bengaluru.

The most interesting part being that most of these Technologies and WorkPlace IOT Solutions are integrated with each other by an “Umbrella Platform” that enables all of this to be accessed and used through a single app / cloud link on the user’s phone / tab / computer.

On an international level, Space Matrix has designed office spaces for global clients such as Amazon, Autodesk, BAE Systems, Bain and Company, Blackrock, Blackstone, Cargill, Ericsson, Gartner, GLG, Microsoft, Safran, Schneider, Symantec and many more.(UNI)