Mamata calls for return of ballot papers in India
West Bengal

Mamata calls for return of ballot papers in India

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Kolkata, Jul 21 : West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee today strongly vouched for return of ballot papers for all levels of elections in India, saying, " The 2019 Lok Sabha poll was a mystery and not history. "

Addressing a massive rally here to mark the martyrs' day, Ms Banerjee, also the ruling Trinamool Congress chairperson, said they would urge the Election Commission to restore ballot papers system, which is in vogue in European nations, US, Canada and other developed countries.

"The 2019 election is a mystery, not history. We don’t want EVM. We want the ballot box to be brought back," the TMC supremo commented. "We want to tell the Election Commission in the State that Municipality and other Elections in the State should be fought via ballot boxes. Why don’t France, Japan, Netherlands and other countries  fight elections using EVMs? " she asked.

Ms Banerjee also sounded bugle for the 2021 Assembly elections in the state and claimed that the BJP was bulldozing the federal system and selling off all the government owned companies, which also led to the laying off some two crore from employment in the past five years.  "Bills are introduced but we are clueless. The federal structure is being bulldozed.,They (the BJP) are resorting to lynching of Dalits,Hindus,Christians, " she alleged.

"One person is being made to join BJP three times.You have no shame.You are hiring them on rent (by paying them money to join BJP) and they turn back to TMC after that. You cannot use money to play a political game, You will be isolated by people.", Ms Banerjee added. She also warned the BJP against "destroying Bengal's culture. "Don't destroy this Bangla. We will teach you a lesson in every inch on Bengal. Don't touch Vidyasagar, Gandhiji and others. You will be crossing a danger level," she added.

"We (the Trinamool Congress) did all this (developments) as you did nothing. We have done developmental work in universities and introduced welfare schemes for people. You have done nothing, " Ms Banerjee remarked.

She also called " BJP Hatao Desh Bachao" and claimed the party (BJP) would not be able to run the government after two years. Ms Banerjee slammed the BJP, saying it had manipulated the investigation agencies and the democratic institutions.

"They have to break Karnataka, Goa and Rajasthan Assemblies by horse-trading," She also alleged. The BJP was involved in "corruption in providing Ujala" (Gas connections) and called upon the party activists to demand for money return. "I ask BJP to return Rs 15 lakh of black money," said Ms Banerjee blaming the BJP for the 'cut money scam" that has been plaguing the Trinamool Congress party in the state. Ms Banerjee also shot another allegation at the BJP, saying they were responsible for the cut money menace.

"BJP is going to villages and asking for people's money to be are the biggest thieves, " she stated.

"They are taking over our party offices and beating up our men....They didn't allow our leaders to enter Varanasi yesterday," Ms Banerjee said referring to the incident in which a Trinamool Congress delegation, which was attempting to meet the families of the victims of the Sonbhadra violence was detained.

She also hit out at the BJP, alleging that they have hindered several people from arriving at the rally.  "I have information that trains are not functioning. The BJP thinks they can use their power to stop trains but they can't prevent people from coming to our rally," she said. (UNI)