‘We all felt suffocated in Trinamool’
West Bengal

‘We all felt suffocated in Trinamool’

Agency News

New Delhi, May 29: The political developments in West Bengal reflect a 'sad' state of affairs as the party under Mamata Banerjee that came to power in 2011 after 34 long years of Communists rule has failed and everyone feels being 'a caged bird', said state legislator Subhrangshu Roy.

"We had come to power as Trinamool Congress replacing the Left to establish democracy in West Bengal. But there is no democracy in the party itself. We all were feeling suffocated as chained and caged bird. Our joining BJP must be seen in that perspective," Roy, who joined BJP on Tuesday, said here.

Lashing out at Mamata Banerjee regime, he said, "No one in Trinamool Congress is allowed to speak their mind. The moment one says something from what the leadership wants to hear, he or she is labeled as indisciplined."

"Trinamool leaders speak about Bengali culture, education and sophistication, but I was called 'gaddar-putra (son of a betrayer)' just because my father had moved to another party. The election campaign also saw top Trinamool leaders passing uncharitable words against political rivals and Prime Minister Narendra Modi," he said.

Many in BJP also credit Mukul Roy for BJP's success in recent elections as he is known for his organisational skills. In the fiercely contested elections, BJP won as many as 18 Lok Sabha seats and several big heads rolled.

To a question, Bijpur MLA Subhrangshu Roy said as newly turned BJP leaders, he and other colleagues would have three-point agenda in tune with the saffron party's programmes and policies which include development, jobs and revival of democracy.