Mamata has no problem with infiltrators, but with security forces: Modi
West Bengal

Mamata has no problem with infiltrators, but with security forces: Modi

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Dum Dum, May 16 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said, " Mamata didi doesn't have a problem with those who cross the border and come into West Bengal to create chaos, but she has a problem with security forces. "
" TMC's workers are now saying that Central forces should be removed, they should be beaten. This policy is adopted by the stone pelters of Jammu and Kashmir, " Mr Modi alleged.
He said Dum Dum Lok Sabha constituency is determined to reject corrupt and criminalized TMC.
Addressing his last rally in West Bengal for the election season here in North 24 parganas district, Mr Modi said this election will be remembered for the "undemocratic" practices of Mamata Didi.
"This election will also be remembered by Didi's attitude towards democracy and the Constitution," he said.
The Prime minister said, "This is my last public meeting in West Bengal in this election. Over the past 2-3 days, I got to interact with lakhs of people through my rallies. The support I received from every village and city is unforgettable."
Mr Modi said, " This is the land of Ramakrishna Paramhansa. This is the land of Goddess Kali and Lord Ram. However, those who chant 'Jai Shree Ram' and 'Jai Kali' are being jailed and intruders are enjoying. "
A girl was jailed just for joking, the Prime Minister commented.
Mr Modi said, " The girls in Bengal are being put behind bars for chanting 'Jai Maa Kaali' and 'Jai Shri Ram'. For sharing a meme, our daughters are being sent to jail. This won't be tolerated any more. The intruders will be held accountable when the Modi government is formed once again on May 23. "
The Prime Minister’s statement came against the backdrop of a BJYM activist being arrested for sharing a meme of Mamata Banerjee.
He alleged during these elections, several BJP workers were killed and candidates were attacked.
Mr Modi said, " Mamata Didi has mistaken West Bengal for her personal property. Now she is abusing the Election Commission and the entire process of conducting polls. "
The Prime Minister said, " Even though Jammu and Kashmir is always under threat from Pakistan-backed insurgents, polls were conducted there peacefully and no violence was reported. However, there was no phase, no seat in West Bengal where polls weren't marred by violence. "
Mr Modi said, " The integrity of these institutions is way greater than your arrogance. "
“The people of Bengal have realised this and they have rejected you. Even you know it,” the Prime minister remarked.
Lashing out at Mamata Banerjee over her remarks against central security forces and the Election Commission, Mr Modi said, "Why are you forgetting that the Left had created a similar situation for you once upon a time and the constitutional bodies of the nation ensured a fair election in West Bengal.”
The Prime Minister said, " Mamata is forgetting that the EC and security forces helped her to become Chief Minister. "
“If these constitutional bodies and central forces weren't there, you would not have been a chief minister today," Mr Modi remarked.
“Our aim is that till 2022, everyone should have a pakka house, every house should have electricity, every house should have a toilet, every house should have a gas connection, and everyone should have access to clean drinking water,” he said.
“Our aim is that every village should have internet, every village should be connected with roads, and everyone should have a bank account. More importantly, we want to make India free of infiltrators, terrorism and Naxalism,” Mr Modi added. (UNI)