Defeat BJP’s arrogance, says Mamata
West Bengal

Defeat BJP’s arrogance, says Mamata

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Ranigunj, Apr 26: Trinamool chairperson Mamata Banerjee on Friday asked the voters to defeat the 'arrogance' of the BJP. At an election rally at Raniganj in Asansol constituency, she said, “The local MP of BJP is uncouth and does not know Bengali culture. He has been an absentee MP, who is seen only during elections. “
“The local MP is uncouth and uses abusive language. But we will not sink to their level. I am in public life for decades. He does not understand Bengali culture. They have carried out a lot of torture on the people of Asansol by bringing in goons, arms and bombs from Jharkhand. But we are fighters and cannot be intimidated,” she asserted.

“The local MP cannot be found throughout the year. He only makes an appearance during elections, like a seasonal bird. He is arrogant and audacious. Do not vote for him. Asansol was a municipality earlier. Now it has become a municipal corporation. A drinking water supply project worth Rs 2,800 crore is going on in Asansol. First phase of work is complete in Kulti,” she said.

Raniganj was prone to landslides. This might lead to loss of life. “So, we are constructing 45,000 flats to ensure your safety. We declared Asansol a new district. We set up a new police commissionerate. A new university, Hindi college are coming up in this district. A new Hindi university is coming up at Howrah,” she said. “We have given recognition to Hindi, Urdu, Santhali, Nepali, Gurmukhi and many other languages.”
“The mafia operates in coal mines. These fall under the jurisdiction of the central forces. The BJP gets most of its funds from the coal mafia. The local MP says Trinamool has links to coal mafia. Then why is the central forces not taking action,” she asked.
In a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, she said, “Earlier, he used to call himself a chaiwallah. Now he pretends to be a chowkidar. Chowkidar is actually a thief. Modi won the mandate five years ago but squandered it away in touring foreign nations. He promised to bring back black money and give Rs 15 lakh to everyone. Instead he looted people’s money during demonetisation,” Mamata said.

“Hindu religion is ages old. BJP was born recently. They only bring shame to the religion. We have developed Tarapith, Tarakeshwar, Bakreshwar, Kankalitala and many other temples. BJP only remembers Ram’s name during elections. They have failed to build the Ram temple. The duo of BJP are like Duryodhan and Dushasan. They are Jagai-Madhai. They organised rallies with maces and swords to instill fear among people,” she added. (UNI)