“Modi Babu is full of lies” : Mamata
West Bengal

“Modi Babu is full of lies” : Mamata

Agency News

Bagula, Apr 21 : West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress (TMC)
supremo Mamata Banerjee on Saturday came down heavily on Prime Minister,
saying, " Modi Babu is full of lies, so much so that leukoplast will have to be
applied to stop him. "

" He is saying so many lies one after the other that he will have to be punished for this in front of the people, " she alleged.

Addressing her second election meeting here in Nadia district, Ms Banerjee said, “At the very first, I condemn Satyajit Biswas’ untimely death and offer my condolences again to his family.”

" My intention in coming here is to share feelings for the family and the people here, and express gratitude to the residents of Bagula who have stood by the family in such a time. We have chosen young Rupali, Satyajit’s wife, as our candidate from Ranaghat, " she said.

The chief minister said, ”There are many railway projects that I had carried out when I was railway minister, but he says I had done nothing. He is full of lies. He will say anything to prove the wrong point he is pursuing.”

She said, " This election is not for the state but for the central government. But in last five years, Modi’s central government has hardly done anything for the people or the country. Promises are unfulfilled, aspirations are dashed. "

“I demand to know what he has done, except for roaming around the world. Modi Babu, you will not ask me for what we have done, but the people will ask you for what you have done these last five years,” the chief minister remarked.

" If a child does wrong, its mother slaps so that mistake is not done again. Same way slap the big child democratically by voting against him. One vote, one slap, " the TMC supremo commented. (UNI)