“Do not vote for the dalals of the BJP” : Mamata at Beldanga
West Bengal

“Do not vote for the dalals of the BJP” : Mamata at Beldanga

Agency News

Beldanga, Apr 15 : Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee on Monday appealed to the people
to vote for the Trinamool, and not for the 'dalals of the BJP' in Congress and CPI(M).
Addressing an election rally at Beldanga in Murshidabad district, Ms Banerjee asserted, ' Modi Babu is running the country in a fascist manner, like Hitler, as per his whims. '
' They are trying to garner votes in the name of Hindustan and Pakistan. After elections, he will turn the country into Modistan, ' she averred.
' They are threatening to implement NRC and drive everyone away. After the draft NRC was published in Assam, no political party protested. Names of 20 lakh Bengali Hindus, and 20 lakh Bengali Muslims were excluded in Assam NRC. We sent a delegation to Assam, but they were stopped at the airport and assaulted, ' Ms Banerjee said.
' Forget NRC, I will not allow even N in Bengal. Is he a feudal landlord? Do human lives not matter to him? " she questioned.
' They say they will bring the Citizenship Amendment Bill. You are already citizens of the country with valid documents. As per this Bill, you will become a foreigner for six years.