” Some political parties using religion of hate for political means “ : Mamata
West Bengal

” Some political parties using religion of hate for political means “ : Mamata

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Siliguri, Apr 13: West Bengal Chief Minister and Trinamool Congress (TMC) supremo Mamata Banerjee on Saturday alleged " Some political parties are using religion of hate for political means, they are fascists. "
Addressed a public meeting at here, Ms Banerjee said the fascist forces must stop use religion for politics. Religion is personal.
She said the big fascist leader is running the country as per his whims.
“What you eat should be your choice. They have stopped non-vegetarian food on Air India. Why?" The TMC supremo questioned.
"Some BJP leaders claim Mamata Banerjee has stopped Durga Puja in Bengal. They says Saraswati Puja has been stopped. Can they even recite the mantras of Durga Puja and Saraswati Puja?" she asked.
The chief minister said every community has their own festivals. This is the culture of Bengal. This is the culture of India
She said BJP spreads hate and violence. They even seek votes in the name of armed forces. This is deplorable.
The TMC supremo said religion does not preach violence and hate. Religion stands for humanism.
Of late, some people have started a new trend – a new religion of hate and division. This is not in sync with Bengali culture, Ms Banerjee said.
“We respect all religions. I offer puja to Maa Kali on Poila Boishakh every year. I have been following this tradition for the last few decades,” she said.
Ms Banerjee said, “Model code of conduct is under effect. We cannot violate it. But, using Ram Navami as an excuse, some people have hit the streets with arms to seek vote.”
The chief minister said saffron stands for sacrifice and piety. Their soul is dark and black. They cannot hide their true nature with saffron robes.
The TMC supremo appealed to the new, young voters to vote for development and integrity of the country, and not for the destructive politics of BJP.
“We have a lot of hope from new voters. They will shape the country. They will lay the foundation for future India,” she said.
Ms Banerjee said the young generation will build a new India. You must come forward, give a vision to the country. They must lead the country.
“I dedicate Utkarsh Bangla project to my young generation. Bengal leads the way in the world,” the chief minister said.
"I want to congratulate my young generation. Our Utkarsh Bangla has been declared the best project out of 1,600 projects from across the world,” she said.
Ms Banerjee said, “Under Utkarsh Bangla scheme, we provide skill training to 6 lakh youths every year. They get placement after the training. In 2017-18, 2 crore jobs were lost across the nation. We reduced unemployment by 40 per cent.”
Like Kanyashree, Utkarsh Bangla has now conquered the world. Even Sabooj Sathi has been declared a runner-up by UN, the chief minister said.
She said demonetisation destroyed the savings of our mothers and sisters. Businesses were affected due to GST
Dalits and minorities have been persecuted in the last five years. Every vote will ensure the defeat of Modi, Ms Banerjee commented.
The TMC supremo alleged they are undermining people’s democratic rights. Every institution has been undermined. They are targeting the Opposition with the agencies like CBI and ED
The chief minister said, “They tap my phones, including personal conversations I have with my family members.”

" I have struggled against the CPI(M). I fought fearlessly against them. I am not afraid of the BJP either. The CPI(M)-BJP-Congress have an understanding. We have seen that during Panchayat elections,” she said.
Ms Banerjee said they said they will implement NRC in Bengal. I will not even allow them to implement N, forget RC
Those who are already citizens of the country will be declared foreigner for six years under Citizenship Amendment Bill. Whether they will become citizens again will depend on their whims, the chief minister alleged.
She said using money power, they spread fake news on social media. Facebook has become fakebook.
The TMC supremo said he travelled the world for five years and now he claims to be chowkidar.
"They are using army’s name to seek votes. Before calling the army Modi ka Sena, the BJP must recall the sacrifices of our brave jawans," Ms Banerjee remarked.
“Your first vote should be for the country’s integrity and development, not for Modi who will destroy the country,” she said.
“Akhilesh Yadav said Bengal and UP will lead the country in the days to come. I welcome his statement and congratulate him,” Ms Banerjee commented.
"Trinamool will play a role in the formation of government at Centre," the chief minister said.
She said CPI(M) will not win anywhere except Kerala. Congress will also not be able to form a government on its own. Regional parties will play an important role.
“Do not waste your vote. Wherever regional parties are contesting, they must be strengthened,” the TMC supremo said.
“What have we not done for Siliguri and north Bengal? Earlier this region was neglected. I come regularly to north Bengal,” Ms Banerjee commented.
" From roads to new railway lines, Bengal Safari Park, Teesta theme city, Bhorer Aalo, new secretariat Uttarkanya – we have taken several initiatives for north Bengal,” she added. (UNI)