‘Every vote for CPI (M)-Congress, is a vote wasted’: Mamata
West Bengal

‘Every vote for CPI (M)-Congress, is a vote wasted’: Mamata

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Chopra, Apr 10 : Chief Minister and Trinamool Chairperson Mamata Banerjee today categorically said, ' Every vote for CPI(M)-Congress, is a vote wasted. '
Addressing an election rally at Chopra in Uttar Dianajpur district, she said, ' Despite winning from this seat in the past, the BJP, Congress and CPI(M) have done nothing for the people. ' ' In the past, BJP, Congress and CPI(M) have won from Darjeeling seats. They have done nothing for the people. This time the election is for the ouster of BJP from power. You have to ensure that Modi babu does not become the PM again. Last time, BJP candidate won from Darjeeling. He did a vanishing act after that, ' she asserted.

‘A vote for the Congress and the CPI(M) is a vote waste as it will benefit the BJP. Amar Singh Rai is a Bhumiputra of the Hills. He was an MLA. He is a go-getter. He is a local person, not someone imposed by Delhi. We do not Darjeeling to burn. We do not want violence in Siliguri. Hills and plains will work together, ' Ms Banerjee averred.

' BJP comes to Bengal only during elections and disappears after that. CPI(M), Congress and BJP have become one, like Jagai-Madhai-Godai. Trinamool will lead the formation of the next government at Centre. Trinamool will lead the change at Centre. Five years ago Modi babu was chaiwallah. Now he has become chowkidar. After elections he will have to hide under hangars, ' she iterated.
' He has spent four and half years travelling around the world.They carried out lynchings in the name of gau-raksha. They persecuted minorities. Chowkidar is a thief, liar, riot-monger. Do not vote for him. All the institutions have lost their credibility. They intimidate the media. They bring people from outside during election, distribute money to win votes. Ensure that they do not win, ' the Chief Minister stated.
' They promised they will create 10 crore jobs in 5 years. But 2 crore jobs lost in just one year. Demonetisation destroyed the economy. Tribals and Dalits have been persecuted in the last five years. They want to drive away everyone in the name of NRC. They will not be able to touch even one person in Bengal, ' Ms Banerjee commented.

‘They had prior information about Pulwama attack. Why did they not take action action? We lost our brave jawans in the attack; we are really sad about that. Replacing officers will not bear any fruit. Officers do not vote, people do. They want to bring the Citizenship Amendment Bill, which will declare you a foreigner for six years. We will not allow the Bill to pass, ' she said.

' We have to protect the unity and harmony of the country. I will sacrifice my life but never allow the country to be divided, ' the Trinamool Supremo added. UNI