Fire Destroyed Plastic Factory at Tangra
West Bengal

Fire Destroyed Plastic Factory at Tangra

Agency News

Kolkata, Feb 28 : Fire destroyed a plastic factory at Tangra and a private vehicle at Nicco Park near Sector V in the city today.

Fire Brigade sources said the plastic factory on Radhanath Chowdhury Road at Tangra in the eastern part of the city completely gutted in the fire, which was brought under control within two hours by four fire fighting vehicles' personnel. The fire was first noticed at around 7.30 am.

But the fire fighting men doused the flames in two hours before they spread farther in the vicinity where a store house of LPG is located, said the fire brigade personnel. A private vehicle in which four IT employees were proceeding towards Sector V caught fire on the road and reduces to ashes. There had been no casualty but it affected traffic on the busy areas this morning. (UNI)