“Gathbandhan of corrupt opposition leaders,” Shivraj
West Bengal

“Gathbandhan of corrupt opposition leaders,” Shivraj

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Kolkata, Feb 7 : Madhya Pradesh's former chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan Wednesday lashed out at the proposed gathbandhan of opposition parties, including Mamata Banerjee's TMC, saying the parties of corrupt leaders were trying to patch up, fearing the Narendra Modi government would return in 2019 poll and intensify the crusade against them.

"West Bengal has been witnessing an autocratic regime under Mamama Banerjee as she has been trying to prevent the BJP from campaigning here, using all the government machinery and intimidating party supporters. She has been denying landing permission to helicopters of BJP leaders Amit Shah, Yogi Adityanath and me," the BJP leader told in a media conference.

"Even my helicopter was not allowed to land, my car was blocked on several roads by the TMC men to prevent me from holding the public meetings. I somehow managed, but instead of two I could address only one public meeting," added Mr Chouhan.

Mr Chouhan was to address a meeting in Bahrampur in Murshidabad, however, the meeting was cancelled due to denial of permission for landing his helicopter by the Bengal government.

"Already nearly 100 people have been murdered since the Panchayat polls, more than 44 BJP offices have been vandalised and even section 144 Cr Pc has been declared around the BJP office near Kalighat, the constituency of Ms Banerjee, to prevent our party men holding party meetings. These are shameful acts of the TMC government and the democracy under Ms Banerjee is murdered," said Mr Chouhan.

"A BJP activist Trilochon Mahto was hanged to death in Purulia after the Panchayat polls and the TMC activists were resorting to violence when the BJP was forming the boards," he stated.

Referring to the Madhya Pradesh assembly polls, in which the BJP was voted out of power, Mr Chouhan said during the elections not a single person was killed and there were no clashes between the parties. "We got major vote percentage, but we lost to Congress in numbers and conceded power, but nobody complained about the EVMs,"the former chief minister pointed out.

Flaying the TMC government, he said it was worst than the Left Front and Congress governments, which ruled 30 years and 33 years respectively. He said the TMC would not be able to stop the BJP from coming to power as the people were poised for the change of guard in Bengal.

"These days Mamata ji is busy to save her city police commissioner and has forgotten to run the state. Why is she saving a police officer and why she did not put up such a vehement protest when savings of thousands of people were looted and more than 100 people committed suicide following the ponzi scam?" he questioned.

He asked why Ms Banerjee was shielding a police officer. "Mamata ji, not only Bengal but the entire nation is watching and wants to know why you want to protect Rajeev Kumar. Who would've landed in trouble had he been interrogated? Has an IPS officer ever sat on a dharna? We want answers." Mr Chouhan demanded.

He said if the cop was doing his duty why he was sitting on a chair and why he was in civil dress. He claimed that the cop as also on dharna.

The CBI was investigating the case under the Supreme Court order since 2013, but why the so called gathbandhan leaders are fearful to face the central investigating agency, he asked.

The agency had been probing the case for the last six years and the allegations that the CBI was questioning Robbert Vadra or other accused in various cases of corruption ahead of the general elections at the behest of BJP were baseless.

Former CM of MP also lampooned the BGBS posters."The posters say 'Bengal means Business'. The roads and streets are full of them. But the truth is, not even Rs 5000 crore investment has been made so far, whereas the Bengal government claims Rs 2 lakh crore investments in the state,"he said. (UNI)