Keep petty politics set aside, Kerala needs combined effort
Weekend Special

Keep petty politics set aside, Kerala needs combined effort


Kerala, the first state in India where coronavirus struck, had overcome the threat under the leadership of Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan and Health Minister KK Shylaja, We have to stay united in fighting it. Time hasn't come to think the threat is over, our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, known for his decisiveness and toughness, had said the other day. Many others had said much before him, the World Health Organisation said it some days back.

Their decisiveness is something that puts Modi and Pinarayi on the same page - admirable in a way. One doesn’t admire the two for their respective roles because that is something that, I believe, they should not have done - considering their cabinet members as sepoys and their party men as facotums. But now Kerala is facing a serious problem of handling the Keralites who are returning from other countries. Giving them adequate help considering the very fact that we Keralites are beholden to them for they are the ones who created the Kerala of today.

If my knowledge is true Kerala is dependent on 75 per cent of its income from the money that comes from the Gulf and America and Canada. One that comes to an end - everything is supposed to end one day, today or tonmorow -Kerala is expected to change, something we haven't been able to think till recently. There is an opinion among a few that this won't happen, and that once the world overcomes corona virus a second boom is going to happen.One hopes against hope that it will happen.

Kerala is seeing a political game which should not have happened at this time. A game which sees the CPM, the Congress and the Muslim League as key players and the BJP, which has tried its best to win votes, watching the game. It is, as before, a very clever game. The winner takes it all.Kerala is what it is today because of Gulf and American and Australian and Canada-based Keralites working there.

This is unlike in Kerala where they end their working days dreaming of going abroad and wasting their hours in offices in discussions ranging from their daily routine to high faluting things.So there is little wonder that Congress MPs and MLAs and ministers of the CPM were caught in photographs violating the rules that applies to all and is currently talked about. What happened inWalayar isn't surprising. It is being discussed on TV channels. One wonders how it became a talking part in TV channels. Congress was caught off guard. Chennitala tried to give some explanation but it didn't wash. The CPM didn't bother to defend the doings of its two ministers, Kadakampalli Surendran and AC Moideen. They haven't defended themselves well nor have the Youth Congress leaders justified their conduct in defending what they did. Their only argument is that the Congress leaders who violated the law were put under observation by the CPM government though it allowed Kadakampalli and Moideen to violate the rule. To put it simply, both Congress and CPM are taking the matter to absurd levels at a time when Kerala's attention is focused on a serious issue, that of facing coronavirus especially when the scientists have no idea how it can be faced despite their labour.

In any case, the matter is going to be in the High Court on Monday. Perhaps that will be the end of politicising a simple issue.What the Youth Congress and the Congress and its allies should constantly try to bring the people's attention to is one thing that gives it some hope; the way the government went to give the contract on health data to a US company. It kept all ministers ignorant of the deal but only an IAS man and the CM were in the know of it. That's blizzard even if the CM defends it saying the country is facing a grave disaster, and that merited such a decision by the CM and the IAS officer. The court has given only a decision for the time being and will take a call on the issue later, after hearing the detailed opinion of all in the case.

Here full marks must be given to Chennitala. He brought such a serious matter to the attention of Keralites. It remains to be seen whether Pinarayi will manage to save his image.

That is not the issue of the time. It is corona virus and the fate ofthe masses that are reaching Kerala. It is time the CPM and theCongress decided to put their politics behind.