Quiz: Know your body
Weekend Special

Quiz: Know your body

General Knowledge Quiz - 28


Test your Knowledge and answer the following:


  1. Which salt protects our joints?
  2. How many joints are there in a human body?
  3. Which chemical removes pain and helps the brain to function in a better way?
  4. How much does the brain of a new born baby weigh?
  5. Which mineral increases the secretion of serotonin in our brain?


  1. Potassium
  2. 360
  3. Dopamine
  4. 350-400 grams
  5. Magnesium

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Do You Know?

  1. If a silk worm is exposed to pure carbon dioxide, it crawls around aimlessly trying to remember what it is supposed to be doing.
  2. Crocodiles have no lips and can hold their breath up to an hour.