Quiz- What is a flock of snipe known as?
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Quiz- What is a flock of snipe known as?


General Knowledge Quiz - 23

  1. What is a flock of snipe known as?
  2. Which berries bounce when ripe?
  3. How did Thomas Edison propose to his second wife?
  4. What are baby puffins called?
  5. Who invented aspirin?



  1. Wisp
  2. Cranberries so they are also known as ‘bounceberries’.
  3. In Morse code.
  4. Pufflings
  5. Felix Hoffman, 1897

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John Harvard’s statue stands in Harvard Yard and is said to be the third most photographed statue in the USA. Students of Harvard have called it The Statue of Three Lies as the inscription reads: John Harvard, Founder, 1638. Harvard was really not the founder of the University but a benefactor who was honored in the naming of the university; it was founded in 1636 and not in 1638 and it is the oldest college in the US; the statue is not of John Harvard but of a student Daniel Chester French who served as a model!

Do You Know?

  1. The human eye can detect 10 million different shades of colour.
  2. An adult human produces enough hydrogen in their urine each year to drive a car 2700 kilometres!!