What was the real name of Mark Twain?
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What was the real name of Mark Twain?

General Knowledge Quiz - 19 (16 February, 2019)


General Knowledge Quiz - 19


  1. What was the real name of Mark Twain?
  2. What was the Christian name of Rudyard Kipling?
  3. What was Raj Kapoor’s full name?
  4. Who gave Sachin Tendulkar the nick name “Sten”?
  5. What was Mozart’s full name?

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  1. Samuel Langhorne Clemens
  2. Joseph
  3. Ranbir Raj Kapoor
  4. Sunil Gavaskar (A combination derived from S of Sachin and Ten of Tendulkar)
  5. Johan Chrysostom Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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What was the real name of Mark Twain?

China is the largest supplier of Bibles. Amity Printing Company, Baixia Street in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province is the world’s largest printer of Bibles. The company prints the holy book in 100 languages and is distributed across China and 70 countries.

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Do you know?

Hot water freezes faster than cold water?

  • This seems counter intuitive but it’s called the Mpemba effect. The name comes after a Tanzanian student Erasto Mpemba who told his teacher that a hot mixture of ice cream froze faster than a cold one. Scientists now believe this because the velocities of water particles have a specific disposition while they’re hot that allows them to freeze more readily. If proven correct, this finding could also have implications in daily life, like cooling down electronic devices.