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Current Affairs Quiz

Current Affairs Quiz - 4 (03rd November, 2018)

Current Affairs Quiz - 4

  1. Name the first Indian city which will have a Mahila Mall.
  2. Which country tops in under-5 year old deaths due to toxic air?
  3. Name the three decade old landmark Nuclear Arms Treaty between US and Russia which Donald Trump has threatened to quit.
  4. What is Harvard University’s motto?
  5. Who said, ‘Strong leader must for doing well in increasingly nationalistic world’?

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  1. Kozhikode/ Calicut, Kerala. It is a venture of Unity Group under Kozhikode Corporation Kudambasree CDS.
  2. India.
  3. INF Treaty-Intermediate range Nuclear Forces Treaty signed in 1987 between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbhachov to eliminate and forswear all their nuclear and conventional ground launch ballistic and cruise missiles with range of 500-5500kms.
  4. Veritas meaning truth.
  5. S. Jaishankar, former Indian foreign secretary.