Get Wise Before You Get Old:Sadhguru
Get Wise Before You Get Old:Sadhguru
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Get Wise Before You Get Old:Sadhguru


Life’s experiences teach us that many things that we had thought had been really good for us at that particular time, had in fact, not been so. After some time, you look back and realise that you would have been better off without them. There are so many occasions in life like this. So, in a way, it would be better to hasten the various experiences of life and get done with them. If you don’t let yourself go through such experiences when you are 30, it will anyway happen to you at 60. And then, it would be a terrible waste of time!

When Krishna was asked, “What is the nature of truth?” he said, “What seems to be like poison is the amrita, what tastes like amrita is the poison.” Very few are able to arrive at this conclusion without going through much pain. For most... when they arrive at this truth, it is too late... in the sense, it makes no difference anymore.

A husband and wife were driving. There was a bit of a quarrel, as usual. In the excitement, he lost control of the car, hit the median, and the car turned over. In the next scene, they were at the gates of heaven. They walked in and found themselves on a fabulous golf course. It was empty.

Then the husband asked the wife, “What do you think? Shall we play a round?”

She said, “Okay.”

So both of them teed off and got to the green. He was just about to putt the ball, he looked around at the beautiful landscape and all on a sudden, he became irritated and despondent.

The wife asked, “What’s the matter now?”

He said, “If it was not for all that stupid health food of yours, we could have got here long ago.”

Like someone said, “Experience is like a comb that you find when you lost all your hair,” or there is a vernacular saying that, “You find nuts to eat when all your teeth are gone,” which means to say that nuggets of wisdom come across you when they are digging your grave.

No... when you are young, when you are healthy, when life is ahead of you, not just nuggets... you should allow torrents of wisdom to reach across to you.

For this to happen, you have to bring clarity to your perception. If you don’t work enough to bring in that clarity of perception, you will not perceive things the way they really are. When you do not perceive things the way they are, unknowingly, you will be living a ridiculous sort of life. But the day will come, when you will perceive things with clarity. I just hope that, that day wouldn’t be the last day of your life.

By this, I don’t mean that you have to try hard to gain experience. However hard you try, you cannot gain experience. If you live without all these walls around you, if you live with absolute openness, experience will ensue. For experiences to get accumulated, you have to let life happen to you. If you are guarding yourself against every little setback, if you are defending yourself against every obstruction, there will be no significant experience.

What is this defence for? Defence against what? You will be defending yourself against life. That is a good strategy if you have not come here to live. But you are a piece of life – that means you have come here to live, not to defend against life.

For those of you who lost huge sums of money in the stock market or had a big tiff with the husband or the wife, there had been moments in your life when you had wished to die. For people who have undergone such ordeals, I have one suggestion - just close your mouth, and hold your breath for two minutes, just experience it... Do it now. Now don’t listen to your mind, don’t listen to me, do what the life within you says. What does it say...?

This being within you wants to live. Whatever nonsense your mind is plotting up is not the reality. The truth is that the being within you wants to live. It wants to experience the process of life so that you can observe the process of life and go beyond that. The problem is that either you are tangled up in this process or you are insulated from this process. Either way, that is not the path towards liberation.

Imagine... if the wisdom that one could have gained through 60 years of experience occurs to you by the time you are16, you’re sure to reach somewhere, isn’t that so? You don’t have to endure all the rubbish – you just have to observe it. That would mean you are a perfect candidate for liberation. When you are able to see through the process, you will be liberated.