How to Transform Yourself into a Radiant Being: Sadhguru
How to Transform Yourself into a Radiant Being: Sadhguru
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How to Transform Yourself into a Radiant Being: Sadhguru


Shiva himself said that at the time when women outnumber men on this planet, Kali Yuga will come to an end. The next yuga is supposed to bring forth better people–devas. A deva is a radiant being. Essentially, all life upon this planet is solar-powered. The difference is just that some life holds what it receives; some life radiates what it receives. If you choose to radiate, you become a deva. If you hold, you become a rakshasa. It is not because you do something that somebody thinks is bad that you become a rakshasa, but because you have no sense of giving.

Having a sense of giving does not necessarily mean giving this or that. It just means that your life process becomes a giving. Whatever can be given will be given, wherever it is needed. This is not in terms of where you should give, how much you should give, or what you should give. These calculations destroy everything. If you transform your life from “What can I get?” to “What can I give?” you become a deva.

Just allowing life to happen is a giving. The nature of life is like that – if it holds back, it will become stagnant. Only if it keeps flowing, life is a beautiful experience. If you become a stagnant life, it is a miserable life. You will have everything yet you will have nothing. Life is not about quantities; life is only in the intensity of one’s experience. Not how much you have makes your life big or small but how intensely you experience it.

You become radiant not by thinking of doing charity. You become radiant when there is no sense of holding back. You have looked at life a little more carefully and you have understood that there is nothing here that you can give because there is nothing here that you brought. Everything you have has been taken from this planet. “If I give away everything, what will happen to me?” The whole world will become yours – that is what will happen to you.

There was a beggar on the street, who had collected quite a bit of rice on that day. Suddenly, he saw a fine chariot coming and thought, “Oh, a rich man. Maybe he will give a gold coin or something.” A really radiant being got down from the chariot; a fabulous looking man. But when the beggar was about to beg, that man held out his hands and said, “Bhikshamdehi.”The tradition is that if somebody stands in front of you and asks, you must give him something, so the beggar took out one grain of rice and gave it to the rich man. When the beggar came home and poured the rice into a container, he saw one grain of rice had turned into solid gold. He cried, “If only I had put my whole bag into that man’s hand, I would have a bagful of gold now!” That is how life is.

It does not take much for a human being to live well. Only because you are trying to imitate somebody else, it takes a lot; otherwise, it does not take much. Everyone on this planet could live well if only some people did not store up for one hundred lifetimes. They know that they are living wretched lives; they know they will come back for a thousand lifetimes –that is why they store up. But next time you come, you cannot claim what you stored up.

“If I give this, this will go away. If I give that, that will go away.” These are petty calculations. If you give your life to everyone around you, everyone will take care of you. I am well taken care of. When I was young, people around me lamented, “What will happen to his life? What will he do for a living?” I said, “Why are you bothered? If I can’t make a living in the world, I’ll go into the forest.”

This whole process of life has been completely misunderstood. I want you to look at your lives. From the moment you get up in the morning till the moment you fall asleep at night – how many moments of exuberance do you have? And how many moments of calculation do you have? This shows whether you are a stagnant life or a radiant life. I am not against wellbeing; I am not against wealth; I am not against comfort. But I am against stagnation because if you stagnate, you could just as well be dead.

To be alive and stagnant is a very torturous way to exist. “But I have made investments.” Where are you going to take them? What if you fall dead tomorrow? This is not my wish. You must live a long life if you are a radiant life. A full life means exuberance. Death means equanimity. Half alive is torturous. One who chooses to torture himself will invariably torture everything and everyone around him.

“What should I do? How much of my salary should I give?” That is not the point. You have to transform yourself. Everything in nature is trying to live; nothing is trying to hold back. Do you think the coconut tree is calculating, “How many coconuts should I give? They may make a lot of money if I give hundred coconuts. Let me give fifty.” You think the coconut tree is holding back? It tries to find whatever nourishment it can and throws out as many coconuts as possible. Isn’t that the way you should live? Find whatever nourishment you can and throw out as much as you can, in whatever form you can.

To make this life process radiant, don’t read scriptures – you will get constipated. Don’t look up and down for gods –just take one creature in the existence. If you feel like a worm, choose a worm; if you feel like an insect, choose an insect; if you feel like a tree, choose a tree. I did not mean you are like a worm; I said, “If you feel like that.”Just choose any life, pay enough attention to it, and you will see all of them are putting out as much life as possible.

Only human beings are trying to hold back because they have been given a logical intellect, which they do not know how to use. This existence, the Creator gave you this intellect to use it in ways that other creatures cannot use it – for transcendence, not for stagnation. This intelligence was given to you so that you would access something of the beyond. Nature believed you will seek the infinite nature, not calculate in limited numbers.

When I recently was at an elite business school in the United States, they told me, “Sadhguru, we teach our students, ‘What you cannot count, does not count.’ What have you got to say about it?” I said, “This is the most disastrous teaching that you can give anybody” – because only what you cannot count counts. You cannot measure your happiness and it counts; you cannot measure your love and it counts; you cannot measure your joy and it counts; you cannot measure your ecstasy and it counts; you cannot measure your abandon and that counts.

If there is no sense of abandon in you, you know only survival, but not life in its entirety. You experience yourself like a lump of clay that needs to be protected, nourished, and gathered; there is no sense of life in you. By accumulating things, by dividing between “this is mine” and “that is not mine,” you fix boundaries; you divide existence. If you do not fix these boundaries, either everything is yours or nothing is yours. Once you have divided existence, you cannot take it in, nor can you become one with it.

If the Creator wanted this all to be separate, he would have made it that way. When you are born, you would come with your own air tank and just breathe your own breath; others would breathe their own breath. When you run out of air, you would die. The Creator would have been capable of doing it that way, but he made it in such a way that there are individuals but everything is mixed. When you try to set a boundary that he did not set, you work against the Creator; you work against the fundamental principles of creation. Once you do that, suffering is inevitable.

“No, I’m doing fine. I’m driving a car.I’m wearing better clothes than other people.” To even look at others and think such a thing is suffering.“What are they wearing; what am I wearing? Mine are better than yours.” This means you are sick in the head, and you will become sick in your body too. This is not my curse, this is the way creation works. Either you are in tune with it or you are not in tune with it – that is all the choice is. If you are in tune with it, you ride it. If you are not in tune with it, you are stuck.

Such a consecration could very simply and easily be done in privacy. Why we are doing this with such large number of people is to transform you into devas, so that you become a process of radiance; you become like a mirror that reflects everything. Being in such energy spaces is about shifting your life from stagnation to radiance.

The process of these consecrations is something so powerful and tremendous. If you had to earn that without guidance, it would take lifetimes of heart-breaking sadhana. If you do it under guidance, it will still be years and years of sadhana. Now this is just radiating free. If you take this, you must also radiate; you must become at least like ananda– an egg –like this mercury egg [refers to the rasaling as of the Suryakund]. The source of creation is always referred to as beeja, a seed. An egg is like a seed, and it is reverberating. It may not be growing like a tree, but it is sitting there with tremendous potency.

If you want, you can be active in the world. Or you can sit, not doing much, but still you can radiate because your life is not about hoarding; you allow it to pass through freely. Imagine yourself being a five-and-a-half feet tall or six feet tall pipe. If water just flows through it, the pipe is great. But if you try to become a tank instead of a pipe and you block one end, the water will stagnate or the pipe will burst. Even if the pipe does not burst, once you close one end, tension and suffering cannot be avoided.

In terms of life, you are just like a pipe. Either you allow it to pass through you in a phenomenal way or you become a miser for life. There will be juice in your life not because you store up but when you let it flow. If there is no juice in your life, what is the point of being alive? What is a bone without marrow? Only if there is marrow, a bone is good. If you are a bone without a marrow, what is the point?