Lockdown impact: Kumaon Motor Owners revenue reduced to zero

Lockdown impact: Kumaon Motor Owners revenue reduced to zero

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Haldwani, May 30 : The travel industry suffered a huge setback during the nationwide lockdown, with Kumaon Motor Owners Union Ltd in Uttarakhand, the lifeline for the mountain motorways of the hilly region, estimated zero revenue in the last two months.

The company, established in 1939, operates passenger vehicles in the entire hill routes of the Kumaon region including the selected mountain motorways of the Garhwal region.

Due to the Covid-19 lockdown, the company has not been able to pay salaries to its employees for the past two months because of the zero income. At the same time,the vehicle operators registered with the company have been burdened with liabilities despite no income as the public transport service came to a standstill since janta curfew day observed on March 22.

These liabilities include salary of drivers and conductors, vehicle tax, insurance, fitness, permit, pollution certificate and monthly instalments of the bank. Thus,the liability of nearly rupees one lac has been made on each of the vehicle operator so far and is increasing as per the time being. The vehicle operators are now selling off their vehicles amid the crisis.

Bahadur Singh Bisht, who had recently sold his bus registered under the company says that, 'I am grateful to God as I sold my city bus and saved one lac rupees.' (UNI)