COVID ward at SRN filled with patients, another in Prayagraj
Uttar Pradesh

COVID ward at SRN filled with patients, another in Prayagraj

Agency News

Prayagraj, May 30 : After the Novel Coronavirus ward at Swaroop Rani Nehru (SRN) Hospital, affiliated to the Motilal Nehru Medical College got filled with patients on Saturday, the super-specialty hospital has also been prepared to treat the COVID-19 patients in this Uttar Pradesh district.

Official sources said here that the old building of SRN hospital had been made a Level-3 hospital for the Coronavirus infected patients and now, the ward is full. Around 25 patients have been admitted in this 20-bedded ward. Sources said that two patients have been admitted to Ward number-8 and the patients coming from now onwards, will be admitted there.

In view of the number of patients, the hospital administration has prepared the super-specialty hospital for treating COVID patients. A facility of 160 beds has been made here. The critically-ill COVID patients had to be treated in the Level-3 hospital, but over 50 per cent patients in SRN hospital are those who are infected, yet asymptomatic. They should be admitted to the Level-1 Community Health Center in Kotwa Bani COVID hospital. Ward number-7 has been made the Coronavirus ward in SRN. Now, patients are being admitted to ward number-8 which also has 20 beds.

Sources said that Beli hospital is a Level-2 hospital and so far, no patient has been admitted here. There is a facility of 200 beds here. If the number of patients increases, they will be admitted here. It has been kept in reserve. (UNI)