UP Cong slams Adityanath govt for 'doing nothing' and not letting others help migrants
Uttar Pradesh

UP Cong slams Adityanath govt for 'doing nothing' and not letting others help migrants

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New Delhi, May 20 : The political slugfest continued over ferrying migrant workers to Uttar Pradesh with the Congress on Wednesday accusing the Yogi Adityanath government of doing nothing to help migrants and obstructing any help being extended to the stranded.

“Will they stand up and explain to the nation? For the last six days, especially the last two days and even as we speak, about 500 buses are standing at UP border. How is it that you will not allow the ferry migrants of UP and Bihar. This is the cheapest form of politics”, said senior Congress leader Abhishek Singhvi in a video conference. He also alleged that the Narendra Modi government has become synonymous with inefficiency, incompetence and insensitivity even with lockdowns.

“It is still not late and I beseech with folded hands, like Priyanka ji said, if you are so concerned about politics, please put your name or party banner but at least use the help we are providing. If the Adityanath government cannot help the migrants, let Priyanka ji and the Congress party help the migrants”, the Congress leader said. Mr Singhvi said that the number of cases on March 26, during lockdown 1, was 618, on April 14, in lockdown 2, it was 10,363, on May 3 during lockdown 3, there were 28,070 cases and on May 18 during lockdown 4, there are one lakh plus cases. “This is the lockdown period.

Percentage growth rate between 2nd and 3rd lockdown is 170 per cent and between the third and fourth lockdown is 257 per cent. Testing on lockdown 1 test was 25,144 and we have increased and I compliment the increase but the increase has gone upto 20,39,952. At lockdown 1 testing was 0.018/1000 and now it is 1.5/1000”, he said. More (UNI)