Lockdown Impact: Monkey bites on rise in Ayodhya
Uttar Pradesh

Lockdown Impact: Monkey bites on rise in Ayodhya

Agency News

Ayodhya, Apr 8 : Lockdown in place for the past 14 days has left the monkeys of this temple town an aggressive lot, with around 50 cases of monkey attacks being reported daily.

It is pointed out that lack of food is turning the simians violent.

Before the lockdown, a large number of devotees used to throng the streets of Ayodhya offering food to these monkeys which is considered as a holy act.

Police here on Wednesday confirmed getting several complaints monkey bites from different parts of Ayodhya in the past one week. Chief Medical Officer(CMO) of Shree Ram Temple Ayodhya Dr Anil Kumar said here that around 40 to 50 people reach the hospital for treatment and injections for monkey bite.

The doctor too maintained that the monkeys are turning violent due to lockown they are not getting food leading to such change in their behaviour. The locals say that earlier the pilgrims coming to Ayodhya from different parts of the country used to feed these monkeys bananas and other fruits. The pilgrims also worship these monkeys, claiming them as a friend of lord Ram.

During lockdown, the entire Ayodhya has been sealed and no pilgrim is allowed to go to any temple or anywhere. Besides, all the hotels and restaurants are also closed while monkeys which used to eat the waste, were not getting it due to the cleanliness move by the authorities.

Now some ashrams and temples have come forward to feed the starved monkeys but it is insufficient as compared to their numbers. (UNI)