Kashi can guide the world to fight Coronavirus: PM
Uttar Pradesh

Kashi can guide the world to fight Coronavirus: PM

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Varanasi, Mar 25: Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with his Varanasi electorate and inspired them to fight the coronavirus with total commitment. “In the next 21 days we have to win this fight against coronavirus,” he said while interacting with the people of the city through video conferencing on Wednesday evening. “Maa Shailputri is worshiped on the first day of Navratri. She is a form of affection, compassion and affection and she is also called the Goddess of Nature,” he said, adding, “When the country is going through a crisis, her blessings are very much needed and we wish that by her grace we would overcome this crisis.”

Modi said, “Kashi can guide everyone in this hour of crisis. Kashi only means Shiva. In this time of crisis, the people of Kashi can teach the whole world. The experience of Kashi is eternal and timeless and hence in the event of lockdown today, Kashi can teach the country restraint, coordination and sensitivity. Kashi can teach the country cooperation, peace and tolerance. Kashi can also teach the nation meditation, service and solution.”

According to PM, the war of Mahabharata was won in 18 days and today the whole country is fighting against coronavirus pandemic which will take 21 days. “Our effort is to win it in 21 days. As an MP of Kashi, I should have been among you at such a time, but you are also familiar with the activities happening here in Delhi. Despite all busy assignments, I’m constantly getting updates from my colleagues about Varanasi,' he said while answering the questions of the people of the city. Social activist Mohini Jhanwar asked a question on an issue facing healthcare workers and other frontline services staff and officers while textile businessman Akhilesh Khemka asked about livelihood concerns facing informal sector workers and less well-off sections of society. The PM advocated the importance of social distancing and shared the Helpline number, saying that right information can be obtained by connecting to 9013151515 WhatsApp number. (UNI)