Akhilesh blames Yogi for spurt in crime
Uttar Pradesh

Akhilesh blames Yogi for spurt in crime

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The Samajwadi Party (SP) president, Mr. Akhilesh Yadav, taking a dig at the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, on Monday, said that the latter does not know where to put the state on the scale of development. The Yogi does not know whether to put the state at number one from the upward or downward direction.

He was quoted as saying, 'UP today stands at first position in cybercrime, crime against women & children, fake encounter, unemployment & farmer suicide. UP stands at first position because our CM doesn't know if we should be number one from upside or downside in list.'

Mr. Yadav, pitching in the idea of a caste census, said that the Centre’s idea of NPR and NRC is ánti-poor’. He, while speaking to the party members said, 'We all wanted a caste census but the Congress did not let that happen and the numbers did not come out,' while also adding that the Census is going to take place again. He said, 'But again we are not going to be counted.'

'The BJP created a rift between the rich and poor through demonetisation. All of us stood in queues. Tell me how many farmers benefited. And the dream that corruption and terrorism will be eradicated, what happened to it?' he said. 'The reason is that the day the caste census takes place, the Hindu- Muslim conflict will come to an end'.

About the condition of Assam, he said that NRC had created a rift there. Lakhs of people have been excluded from the NRC list. He criticised the saffron party, 'The farmers were promised that their incomes will double, and they voted the BJP to power. But what have poor people and the farmers got in return?