With CAA, BJP moving from 'vikas' to 'vinash': Akhilesh
Uttar Pradesh

With CAA, BJP moving from 'vikas' to 'vinash': Akhilesh

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Lucknow, Jan 18 : Samajwadi party president Akhilesh Yadav here on Saturday stated that the BJP has taken the state from 'Vikas' (development) to 'Vinash' (destruction) by bring contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Act and nationwide NRC.

"The BJP was only trying to create a division between Hindu and Muslim to get a political mileage and thus brought CAA and NRC.They are doing 'adharma' (evil) instead of 'dharma' (righteous) ," he alleged. Mr Yadav claimed that the BJP government stopped the path of 'Vikas' (development) in the past three years, and now they are on the road of Vinash (destruction). He was speaking in program in which several leaders from other parties joined SP and pledged to bring back the party back to power in the next assembly polls.

Mr Yadav, enthused with the response, stated that the countdown of the BJP government has begun as more leaders are in the queue to join the party. The party also got a boost as UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath's once close associate joined the SP.

Hindu Yuva Vahini (Bharat) president Sunil Singh,who merged his party with the SP, termed Yogi as Ravan and Akhilesh as Lord Ram and himself as Hanuman. "Like Ravan donned saffron to kidnap Sita, similarly this CM, dressed in saffron, was acting like a demon for the people of the state. Akhilesh is actually Lord Ram and I will his Hanuman, who will burn the entire Lanka of Ravan," he alleged. Singh in the past had once termed Yogi as Lord Ram and himself his Hanuman. (UNI)