Priyanka's pathshala from Jan 15 postponed till next Monday
Uttar Pradesh

Priyanka's pathshala from Jan 15 postponed till next Monday

Agency News

Lucknow,Jan 14: The proposed programme of Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra to hold four-days long ''Pathshala'' in Rae Bareli from Wednesday (January 15), to train the newly appointed district and city presidents of Uttar Pradesh postponed here on Tuesday.

State Congress committee (in charge administration ) Sidharth Priya Srivastava said here that the training programme postponed and now it is to be held from coming Monday.

Srivastava said that there might be also change and now in the first two days, Ms Gandhi and other senior leaders including State president, Ajay Kumar ''Lalu'', would reveal future strategy to the city and district presidents hailing from Eastern Uttar Pradesh and on the third day, the city and district presidents from Western UP, Eastern UP along with all the officer bearers of the State Congress Committee would attend the Pathshala.

On the last and fourth day, the leaders from only Western UP would attend the training session. Sources said that Ms Gandhi would update the leaders of the Party’s blueprint of taking up the public and other social issues to expose the State and Central Governments.

She had already interacted with the leaders before appointing them as district or city presidents. So far she appointed 108 district and city presidents from UP. (UNI)