Allahabad VC quits over misconduct charge
Uttar Pradesh

Allahabad VC quits over misconduct charge

Agency News

The Allahabad University Vice Chancellor, Mr. Rattan Lal Hangloo, who had been facing allegations of mishandling cases of sexual misconduct and corruption, has resigned.

In a statement on Wednesday evening, Mr. Hangloo said he was being hounded and hence resigned under pressure. 'It is correct that I have resigned. The reason was that, repeatedly, baseless inquiries were initiated against me. On several occasions it was proved that there was no substance in the complaints. I resigned because I was totally fed up'” he said in the statement.

Several complaints against his style of functioning had been filed in the past as well. In one case, the National Commission of Women (NCW) had made an ‘adverse’ remark against him. He challenged the allegations, saying: 'Let the NCW prove the charges before the CBI, let them prove them before the High Court.'

Mr. Hangloo however, said he had always performed his duties in an honest manner and stood up to pressure and interference. He alleged the active presence of a 'mafia' in the university. 'Appointments of 1,200 people are to be made. If I was there, I would go by merit. I will not go by mere recommendation. I will not take orders from the mafia,' he added.