Yogi assurance to Kashmiri students
Uttar Pradesh

Yogi assurance to Kashmiri students


The UP Chief Minister, Yogi Adityanath, has interacted with the students from Jammu and Kashmir studying in Lucknow and urged them to address their issues to the local authorities so that the state government can work in that direction.

He urged the students to open up and bring out the problems they face, before the local administration and other authorities. He stressed on the need for bringing up various problems and issues they faced here and asserted that if these can be reported, it would become easy for the government to help them by taking up issues before the Jammu and Kashmir administration and other authorities.

'Today you are here as students, maybe tomorrow you'll be part of the administration in Uttar Pradesh. We live in a democratic society where communication is vital.

Prosperity comes to our lives only when we develop. Whether it's about the students studying in Uttar Pradesh or tourists visiting this state, it's our duty to take care of their safety and security,' said Yogi.