Triple talaq victims to get free legal aid, Rs 6,000 annual help: Yogi
Uttar Pradesh

Triple talaq victims to get free legal aid, Rs 6,000 annual help: Yogi

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Lucknow, Sep 25 : Assuring triple talaq victims of all possible help, Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday said cases of victims should be fought for free.
In an interaction with the victims of triple talaq held here under the PM Jan Vikas Programme, the CM also called for several welfare measures that should be undertaken for the rehabilitation of such women.

Five of the victims of triple talaq, Reshma Bano from Jaunpur, Sumaila Javed from Amroha, Haseena from Sidhharthnagar, Hina Fatima from Sitapur and Ruhi Fatima from Aligarh, narrated their struggle and hardships in getting justice. Around 300 women from across the state attended the event. "Educated women should be absorbed in government jobs while arrangements should also be made for providing them shelters, and education under various schemes. These women should be covered under the Ayushman Bharat Yojana or under the Chief Minister Arogya Scheme," he said.

He also announced support of Rs 6,000 annually to the victims of triple talaq till they are rehabilitated and also said that they should be given rights over waqf properties. The Chief Minister further gave directions to the social welfare department and others concerned for making welfare schemes for the victims. "Proper schemes should be implemented for the overall development of the society and no person should feel neglected," he said.

The CM also inaugurated and laid the foundation stone of projects that are meant to benefit the minority community.

"I thank Prime Minister Narendra Modi for bringing law on triple talaq and taking the step towards women empowerment and honouring the dignity of women. Only he could have taken such step," he said. "I want to assure all the women present here and other women of the state that the UP government is there to support them and help in all possible way while heading on a path shown by PM Modi," he said.

He also highlighted the problems that women face, specially the women of minority community, in coming out of the confines of their homes and fight their personal battle against inequality and torture. "I congratulate such women for showing the way to others too," he said. "It is so easy to break, but it takes a lot of effort to join anything and likewise destruction is way easier than creation. Our battle is against such people who want to trample the human sentiments and leave kids and women helpless," he said.

The Chief Minister said women have the right to live with dignity. "In Uttar Pradesh, in last one year, there were 273 cases of triple talaq reported from various districts in which FIR was registered. We will ensure proper grievance redressal of the triple talaq victims and in case the police failed to do their duties, they too will be punished," said the CM adding that society cannot develop if one community is neglected.

Citing Shah Bano case of 1985, the CM said, "The Supreme Court had, for five times, asked previous governments to stop the practice of triple talaq. But none took notice and no steps were taken to bring any law on this evil practice under the facade of secularism... 22 Islamic countries have banned triple talaq. It is a matter of concern that now men use social media and whatsapp to give triple talaq," he said. (UNI)