Etawah Safari Park team leaves for Junagarh to bring lions to UP
Uttar Pradesh

Etawah Safari Park team leaves for Junagarh to bring lions to UP

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Etawah, Sep 21 : A team of officials from the Etawah Safari Park left for Gujarat's Junagarh on Saturday, from where seven lions and lionesses will be brought and housed in the Park in Uttar Pradesh.

Etawah Safari Park's Deputy Director Suresh Chandra Rajput here said that the team left the Park at around 6am to bring the lions and officials of an under-construction zoo of Gorakhpur are also part of the team.

The team will return to Etawah Safari Park from Junagarh on September 26 after taking the lions which will be brought through roadways and they will be given night rest after taking halt at two stops. Mr Rajput said that Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh had mutually agreed for providing the big cats. Earlier, they had to be brought in June but the trip had been postponed due to excessive heat.

Owing to the change in weather conditions, the plan will now be completed and the lions will be brought from Gujarat to Etawah via Rajasthan. Arrangements to the effect of keeping these lions safe in the Safari have also been completed.

The Deputy Director of the Safari said that it will take three days to bring the lions to the Safari and the team will rest in Jaipur and Udaipur zoos along with the lions, while on their way.

He said that three of the lions, which are being brought from Junagarh, will later be taken to the Gorakhpur zoo, which will take some time to be constructed entirely. Mr Suresh said that to facilitate the lions to live in new surroundings, breeding centers and other places have been arranged for where these lions will be kept. The 'keepers' deployed in the Safari have already lived with these lions in Junagarh in the past.

In a letter, MP Ram Shankar Katheriya has requested Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to come to Etawah and inaugurate the Park on October 2. Alongside, he has also requested the CM for renaming the Park as Atal Lion Safari in the name of former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. (UNI)