UP announces new policy to double agri exports
Uttar Pradesh

UP announces new policy to double agri exports

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Lucknow, Sep 10: Uttar Pradesh government on Tuesday announced the ambitious 'Agriculture export promotion policy 2019', that seeks to double agri exports to Rs 17,591 crores by 2024 thus to meet the target to double the income of the farmers by that time.

The decision to bring the new policy was approved by the state cabinet here today.

State government spokesperson Srikant Sharma said here that the policy gives encouraging incentives to the farmers besides, it deals with marketing and other aspects to increase the agriculture exports from the state. The main aim of the policy is the increase the income of the farmers, he said.

Presently, UP exports potato to Nepal and other countries while Mango and rice are being exported to some middle east countries.

Principle secretary ( Agriculture) Amrit Mohan said that the new policy gives incentives upto Rs 10 lakhs to a farmer besides it promotes contract farming.

"The policy proposes farming in a cluster form with 50 to 100 hectares where the crop would be produced as per the requirement of the foreign country where it will be exported. The incentives would be given for 5 years for exporting at least 30 per cent of their produce," he said.

Besides, new food processing industries would be set up near these cluster, who will also be given incentives for exporting 40 per cent of their produce.

The incentives also include Rs 10 per kilogram of produce exported through air while Rs 5 per kg would be given for exporting through ships.

Mr Mohan said that there will be three different committees to look into the grievances and problems of the farmers and the entrepreneurs under this policy.

The government will also provide further incentive to the production units for engaging people . (UNI)