Ruckus, stone pelting in UP at Janmashtami procession
Uttar Pradesh

Ruckus, stone pelting in UP at Janmashtami procession

Agency News

Bareilly, Aug 24 :  Five people, including a woman, were injured in a clash between two communities when a 'Shobhayatra' was being taken out on the occasion of Janmashtami in the Devraniyan area in Uttar Pradesh, Superintendent of Police (Rural) Sansar Singh said on Saturday. The SPRA said here that the custom of taking out 'shobhayatra' had been prevalent in the Makri Nawada village of Devraniyan area since the past many years and permissions were never sought for that.

People neither informed nor sought permission for this time as well. According to Singh, as per tradition, the 'shobhayatra' was to be carried out in the afternoon but was scheduled for 3 pm due to Friday prayers. As soon as the tractor-trolley present in the 'shobhayatra' reached its last stop at the village's 'Holi chauraha,' individuals from another community stopped it.

This led to a confrontation and led to stones pelting creating a stampede. Weapons were also flashed during the confrontation. Police force was deployed in the village. However, no action has been taken against any individual in this matter till yet and further action will be taken after investigation.UNI