Yogi move to sanitise campuses
Uttar Pradesh

Yogi move to sanitise campuses


The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh plans to tighten its hold on private universities in the state, with the Cabinet clearing the draft for a law to sanitise private universities from any 'anti-national activity' on campuses.

The UP Private Universities Ordinance is an  Act covering the 27 private universities. These would have to submit an undertaking that they would not allow such activities to take place. The draft however does not clarify what qualifies for anti-national activities.

National integration, secularism, social harmony, international goodwill, moral building, and 'desh bhakti' have been included among the objectives of the ordinance.

A government representative would be on the governing body of the universities. The provisions arm the government with powers to keep a check on the financial and academic activities of private universities. The ordinance is to be presented in the Assembly when its session begins on July 18.

All private universities will also have to abide by the academic calendar as established by various controlling bodies to 'remove anomalies'.

It is proposed that a minimum of 75 per cent of teachers would be permanent and not contractual and their quality would be monitored online.

A university in a city would need to have a minimum of 20 acres space, while in rural areas they would need to be spread over 50 acres. The ordinance also makes it mandatory for universities not to bestow any honorary degree without prior approval of the government.

The Chancellor does not get a free hand in the appointment of a Vice-Chancellor. This  can now be done only in consultation with the governing body.