Cong responsible for making Modi PM : Mayawati
Uttar Pradesh

Cong responsible for making Modi PM : Mayawati

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Mirzapur, May 17 : Terming Congress and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) as being synonymous to each other, Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) supremo Mayawati on Friday said Congress is responsible for making Narendra Modi, who pretends to be a backward, the Prime Minister.

Addressing a joint rally of the 'gathbandhan' on the last day of electoral campaigning in Mirzapur, Ms Mayawati said, "Prime Minister Modi is not the well-wisher of the backwards. Mr Modi is a fake backward. Mirzapur candidate (gathbandhan's) Ram Charit Nishad is good and a 'real' backward than him."

The BSP honcho said the BJP and Congress are two sides of the same coin, adding that had the Congress worked in the correct way, Mr Modi would not have risen.
Ms Mayawati said, "Akhilesh never said toilets are not needed. Akhilesh never dishonoured women. He had said incomplete toilets sans doors are not needed."
Notably, PM Modi had on Thursday targeted Mr Akhilesh's remark where the latter had said BJP starts and end at toilets.

BSP president said, "Mr Modi is talking about toilets but this is nothing big. In our tenure, we had also made toilets in the Ambedkar Gaon Yojana but never publicised it."
She said the SP-BSP 'gathbandhan' is not 'milawati,' rather it is for social transformation. This 'gathbandhan' is for removing Mr Modi from Delhi and Mr Yogi from Lucknow.

SP president Akhilesh Yadav said Prime Minister is deflecting attention from real issues and does not want to talk on basic questions including the grievances of farmers, youths and employment issues. Demonetisation destroyed the country. He does not talk about these issues. Five years back, he had said the country is to be taken forward but due to the BJP's policies, the country could not steer forward.

Mr Yadav said the debt on the country is increasing consistently, unemployment is rising. From 35 lakh crores, the debt has risen to 70 lakh crore. Mr Modi should answer who got this debt.Further, she said this ‘gathbandhan’ will oust Modi from power. UNI