Oppn has failed to convey steps to be taken for tackling issues: PM
Uttar Pradesh

Oppn has failed to convey steps to be taken for tackling issues: PM

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Chandauli/Mirzapur, May 16: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said the Opposition had failed to enumerate steps they will take to tackle issues of national security, terrorism and Naxalism.He said every possible effort was being made to bring Purvanchal on a new track of development. Widespread works are being done for rails and roads and electrification of railways here.

Lambasting the Opposition while addressing Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)'s Vijay Sankalp rally in Uttar Pradesh's Chandauli, the PM said that foreseeing their impending defeat, the ‘mahamilawatis’ including the SP-BSP, are a nervous lot today.They had clicked a picture holding hands in Bengaluru, but the moment question of the Prime Minister's post arose, everyone started staking their claims. But the country said, ‘phir ek baar, Modi sarkaar.’

He said that this happened because neither did the Opposition consider it necessary to give answers of some important questions to the people, nor did they have the strength to do so.Modi said the Opposition failed to tell the country that in the 21st century India, how will they provide a stable government, how the personal interest of a dozen faces be in the interest of the country. Also, if the government falls in a year or six months, what will happen to the welfare of the poor and how will development take place.

They could not tell what is their model of development for the country was, or their stand on national security and issues of terrorism and Naxalism, the PM said.
They only presented the model of lies, rumours and abuses in this whole election campaign. They only provided the model of casteism, creating fear and opposing things.

The Prime Minister said the Opposition had opposed surgical strikes, while asking the people if there was any reason to question it? “Aren’t they opposing the martyrs? Is it right to question the valour of the Army?”They opposed the identification of intruders, Triple Talaq Law, the constitutional status given to the OBC Commission, appointment of Lokpal and host of other developmental issues. They opposed Modi at every step. This ‘sewak’ is busy working for the past five years to make the country developed and great. 'Party is bigger than self and country is even bigger,' he said.

Continuing his attack on the Opposition, Modi said that before 2014, corruption and scams were being discussed everyday and the country was perturbed by frequent news of bomb blasts. Inflation was at its peak while development was meagre. The country was in a period of deep disappointment and disbelief. People elected a ‘strong’ government. Your ‘sewak’ steered the country ahead and the country expressed belief that its dreams were getting fulfilled.

At an electoral rally in Mirzapur in support of Union Minister and NDA ally's Apna Dal (S) candidate Anupriya Patel, the PM said that more the Opposition was increasing its 'dose' of abuses on him, more the love and blessings were coming to him from the people.Launching an all-out attack on the SP-BSP, he alleged that those 'mahamilawatis' , who had looted UP and in whose tenure scams took place, those who did a sham of constructing memorials in the name of 'mahapurush' (great people) and committed scams even in that, were abusing him.

He said that these were the very people who had failed to provide basic needs like electricity to the people of UP. When their 'mahamilawati' government was in power, the industries of UP were marred by 'gundaraj.' They destroyed the great brass work and carpet work of Mirzapur.The PM said that 'bua,' (Mayawati) 'babua' (Akhilesh) and Congress's 'namdaar' had only divided the people of UP in castes.

Modi said the people of UP and Mirzapur know who could give a befitting reply to the terrorists and who had the capability to wipe out Naxalism.Targeting the grand-old party, Modi said that it was pertinent to see the condition of 'namdars' in UP in this election.The party which adhered politics of dividing-breaking, which ran governments for 4-4 generations, that party today is itself saying that they have become a 'vote-cutter' party. Their thinking is 'hua to hua' (It happened. So what?) Because of this mindset, now the people of UP are saying, 'Bas, ab bohot hua' (Enough is enough).
Enumerating the achievements of his government, the PM said that the government was for he poor, adding that when the poor get their houses, toilets, checkups, electricity, roads, etc then development takes place.

He said that today, the youth was standing with Modi. Our ‘mantra’ is ‘Sabka saath, sabka vikaas.’ We are providing aids to marginal farmers. When the Modi government will come to power again on May 23, then every farmer family of Uttar Pradesh will start getting it.Modi said that some people were spreading lies about PM-Kisan scheme. “I want to tell the farmers of the country that this money is theirs which they need not return. A lie is being spread that this money will be taken back.”

Purwanchal's Chandauli is famous for rice. An International Rice Research Center has already been made in Banaras. “We are putting in all efforts for development. Electricity is reaching villages and homes. During the tenure of SP, BSP, even electricity used to be provided on the basis of vote-bank,” he said.About terrorism, Modi said that his government will pay back in the same coin to terrorists. “We are dealing strictly with ‘separatists’ living in India but praising Pakistan.”

Further, the Prime Minister said that the people of Uttar Pradesh, elected an absolute majority government after 30 years in 2014. 'It is my fortune that both Bengal and UP are giving us their blessings. The determination of a secure, capable, strong and flourishing India is to be strengthened further,' he said. (UNI)